Marie Alarcón is an experimental video artist trained in documentary filmmaking. She has a B.A. in Non-Fiction Filmmaking and Post Colonial Studies from The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA, and a Masters of Fine Arts with a Certificate in Time Based Media, from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Art and Design.  Alarcón  has worked as a community media educator and producer since 2006. They draws on personal and communal experiences of disenfranchisement to look at hidden histories through the lens of environment and is informed by place and its production and the speculative cultural memory of displacement and diaspora. Their expansive, process oriented practice often includes collaboration with dancers and musicians and bridges the poetic, the performative, and the journalistic through installation, new media technologies, and assemblage/collage. Alarcon has shown work and held residencies internationally, and is currently in Residence at Roswell AiR (2021-22), and a 2020 recipient of the  Independence Media Foundation Filmmaking Grant for a new experimental fiction film to be produced Spring 2022.  

“I do this work as a person/woman of color whose family has been directly impacted by environmental racism, land theft, and generational disenfranchisement. My desire is to see positive, but real and complex, representations of communities of color in relationship to the environment.”

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