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Philadelphia, PA


2014    MFA, The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

2014    Certificate in Time Based Media, The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

2008    BA, The Evergreen State College, Documentary and Post-Colonial Studies, Olympia, WA

2006   McNair Scholar, The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL


2018   Art & Social Change Grant, Leeway Foundation, Philadelphia, PA

            Center For Emerging Visual Artists Fellowship, CFEVA, Philadelphia, PA

            Window of Opportunity (WOO) Grant, Leeway Foundation, Philadelphia, PA

2010   Flaherty Film Seminar Philadelphia Fellow, Hamilton, NY

2009   Art and Social Change Grant, The Leeway Foundation, Philadelphia, PA


2019   Neighborhood Time Exchange, Artist in Residence, Philadelphia, PA

            Elsewhere, Philadelphia Exchange Fellowship, Greensboro, NC

            Good Hart Residency, Good Hart, MI

2018   Leeway x Icebox Project Residency, Philadelphia, PA

2017   SouthWest Roots, Artist Catalyst Residency, Bartram's Gardens, Philadelphia, PA

2015   SenseLab Residency, The Undercommons, Montreal, Quebec

2011    Artist in Residence, 40th Street AIR, Philadelphia, PA


2019   WITNESS, The URBN Annex, Leonard Pearlstein Gallery, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

            WITNESS, Harlem International Film Festival, Harlem, NY

            WITNESS, Storyville, Scribe Video Center, Philadelphia, PA

2018   WITNESS, Blackstar Film Festival, Lightbox Film Center,  Philadelphia, PA

            WITNESS, Street Movies Film Festival, Malcolm X Park, Philadelphia, PA

            WITNESS, Farm For The City, Philadelphia Horticultural Society, City Hall, Philadelphia, PA

2017    Art at The Science Center: A 40 Year Retrospective, Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2014   Myopia, The AfroFuturist Affair, “Black Holographic Memory; Workshops and Readings,” The A-Space, Philadelphia, PA

2010   Brothers and Sisters, (co-producer), Precious Places, The Kimmel Center, Philadelphia, PA

2009   El Centro De Oro, (co-producer), Precious Places, International House, Philadelphia, PA

             Our Hearts Beat, Who's Got Short Shorts?, Sisters, Philadelphia, PA

             Freedom Country, National Conference on Arab American Women, Manhattan, KA

2006   Freedom Country, Malkandi Family outreach campaign, Seattle, WA


2019   Assemblage, curated by Maori Holmes, Pearlstein Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2018   No/New Rites, Icebox Project Space, Philadelphia, PA

2016   Venus Trine Neptune, 40th Street AIR Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2015   Solo exhibition Sacred Science, University City Arts League, Philadelphia, PA

2014   An Ocean Between the Waves (thesis), Franz Josephs KAi 3, Vienna Austria

            Bringing Down The Stars, Maas Space, Philadelphia, PA

2013   Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Charles Adams Fine Arts Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2012   Residency Reimagined, City Hall Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

            Other Worlds, Gallery 13W, Philadelphia, PA

            Solo exhibition, Banished, AIR Space Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

            Mythological Archaeology, Monolithic Memory, Asian Arts Initiative, Philadelphia, PA


2018   Papi Leon, Icebox Project Space, Philadelphia, PA

2016    I Wonder What Else Could Be Different Around Here: A Poetic Intersection with Music and Art featuring Yolanda Wisher, Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia

2015   CHROME CITY: No New York (curated by Alex Smith), AUX at Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA

             ATM, DJ Haram + SCRAAATCH, Dahlak Paradise, Philadelphia, PA

2014   Sonic Measures, Second Site performance, The Print Center, Philadelphia PA

2014   Phreakin' Queer Music Festival, PhilaMOCA, Philadelphia, PA


2017   BEEN HERE, (BareTeeth) Bartram's Gardens, Philadelphia, PA (catalog)

2016   Treasure (Anna Martine Whitehead), In>Time 16 Performance Festival, Chicago, IL

2015   The Golden Grrrls & Bois, Charm City Kitty Club, (SWARM), Baltimore Theater Project, Baltimore, MD

2014   ICA 50, (SWARM), The Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, PA

2013   Falling Queens, (Anna Martine Whitehead and BareTeeth), AUNTS Arts@Renaissance, Brooklyn, NY


2019   Visiting Artist, Video 1, The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

2018   Lineages & Routes, Artist Panel on Diaspora, The Icebox Project Space, Philadelphia, PA

            Schuylkill River and Urban Waters Corps's Research Seminar, UPenn, Philadelphia, PA

            Visiting Artist, Video 1, The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

            Visiting Lecture, Expanded Documentary, Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia, PA

            Visiting Critic, Photography & Digital Arts, Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia, PA

           “The Form is the Feeling: Virtual Reality, Interactive Media, & Video Installation in Practice” Blackstar Filmmaker Symposium, Philadelphia, PA

           “Behind the Camera & Beyond the Reel”, YA Panel, Blackstar Film Festival, Philadelphia, PA

2016   Organize Your Own: Thread Makes Blanket Reading & Closing Reception, Averill and Bernard Leviton Gallery, Chicago, IL

2014   “The Unintentional Object,” Lightning Lectures, ICA, Philadelphia, PA

2013   “Rebirth of the Undead: African Diaspora, Fear, and Art,” Lightning Lectures, ICA, Philadelphia

2008    Freedom Country, “Arab and Latino Connections” panel and screening, Border Dialogue Conference, The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA

            “Art as Cultural Anti-Missile: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Culture Bomb,” Activism and the Avant-Garde PRESS Literary Conference, The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA


Niela Orr, “Pleasures, Perspectives: Three films on Gentrification,” 7th Annual Blackstar Film Festival Catalog, Blackstar Film Festival, Philadelphia, PA. 2018. 51

Tayyib Smith, “July Faves, A monthly set of favorites from Philly + beyond” Philadelphia Contemporary Newsletter, July 2018

Maori Holmes, “Been Here Also: an oral history of Been Here as conceived of by BARETEETH and told to Maori Karmael Holmes,” Been Here, Mural Arts Project, Philadelphia, PA. 2019. 19-26

Che Gossett “Been Here: Blackness and the Aesthetics of Belonging,” Been Here, Mural Arts Project, Philadelphia, PA. 2019. 35-39

Laura Kochman, “Black Joy and Collective Memory at Bartram’s Garden,” Mural Arts Blog, Sept 21, 2017

Laura Kochman, “Performance Crew BARETEETH on Spatial Justice at Bartram’s Garden,” Mural Arts Blog Aug 23, 2017

Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela, “Thread Makes Blanket,” Organize Your Own: the Politics and Poetics of Self-Determination Movements, Catalog, Soberscove Press, Chicago, IL, 2016. 228

Kimi Hanauer, “Top 20 Moments of 2015”,, access date March 2019

“Swarm / Pathways to Unknown Worlds: Sun Ra, El Saturn & Chicago’s Afro-Futurist Underground, 1954–68 (2009),” ICA Philadelphia, 2014, access date March 2019 (Internet Explorer only) afro-futurist-underground-1954-68-2009


“Let Us Be Clear What Gifts We Give and What Gifts We Receive In Return,” Been Here, Catalog, Mural Arts Program, Philadelphia, PA. 2019

Some of Us Are Still Here: A Vague Sense of Knowing Something is Crawling Just Beneath the

Surface, Inflexions Journal, #9 : F(r)ictions, July 18, 2015. Open Humanities Press, SensLab,

  Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec CA

Cover, untitled essay, The University of Pennsylvania - Howard A. Silverstein and Patricia Bleznak Silverstein Photography Studio Abroad, 2013 Studio Istanbul, 92-95

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