STIGMATA: Or How To Get Rid Of It

There is a place. It is a place that is every place and no place, but this is not true. This place is the site of a thing, the thing that happened which was a non-event. This site was the site of many events which you can not see. This site is specific, if not to you, to me and many others. This is the site of ghosts, this is the site of peoples out of sight, out of mind. This is the site of a people and many peoples, the site of creation, of energy harvested, the site of everything and nothing; that nothing which is never empty. Here is the face of

one injured. Injured how or why we can not say, neither you nor I, nor the one injured. This is an injurious land, an injurious land which has been put to use and in it’s putting has become dangerous. Here is a land which was always dangerous, always somewhat inhospitable, always difficult, always beautiful. 

All text in the film from Samuel Beckett "Stories and Texts for Nothing." The title is a reference to a Eugene Ionesco's "Amedee: Or How To Get Rid Of It" 

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